We have more than six years of experience in student placement service and consulting

We know that studying abroad is one of the most important decisions that students and their parents or sponsors have to make, and it requires very clear information, professional guidance and counselling.

Admission Process

We guide students through the whole process of selecting their courses and getting their Admission Letters from their desired School, College or University.

Visa application

The visa process is clear, but we have found out that students sometimes need guidance through the application process. So, we will support our clients through the steps.

General travel consultancy

Once a student receives his or her visa, the usual concern is about settling down in the new environment. We provide students with relevant information on what to expect and what to take along.

Appointment booking

We assist in planning, organizing, and scheduling appointments.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a priceless experience, but many students are put off by the cost of some overseas degrees. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to study abroad for free, or next to nothing.

Educational consultancy

We have in-depth knowledge of different career opportunities and dealing with students, such as answering their questions concerning careers and opportunities that lie within them.